We are delighted to share the testimonials from our guests on board Curanta Cridhe.

July 2017

"Thierry and Anne, thank you for making our dream come true! Our first experience on the boat was unforgettable and we are ready for many others.

See you soon!


   - The Grynberg family.

March 2017

''This is our 4th sail... But first with a Captain and First Mate/Chef/Head Stew extraordinaire. The food was beyond fantastic. The service... impeccable. We all want to take Miss Anne home with us.
Captain Thierry, your wine selections made our nights. Your stories of life had us hanging on every word. Your knowledge of the sea, the boat, the wine... led us to have the trip of a lifetime.

We will remember you all for ever.


Your number 1 favorite charter!''

   - The Chestnut Family

February 2017

"We can't put into words how magical the trip was. Anne and Thierry are amazing, so welcoming. We don't want the trip to end. We look forward to more adventures in the future."

   - Del Ponte Family

January 2017

"What to say...? The best vacation we have ever had? The best food we've ever eaten, consistently, for a week? The most gracious hosts? Impossible to duplicate! Thank you!"
   - Sealy Hopkinson.

"Fantastic! Spinnaker runs in total elegance!!! Magical places, well annotated, will hold their spell forever. Thierry and Anne are the consummate hosts. Thanks!!"
   - Mark Hopkinson.

"One of the best weeks of my life! Want to come back and live on the boat... Had the absolute best time! Wouldn't change it for the world. Thank You!!"
   - Marion Hopkinson and Adele Surkhov.

"Despite being French ;-) the hosts were incredible and the week we had was beyond compare. I am in absolute awe of this week. From the cooking to the sailing and wonderous sights, this was an unforgettable experience and could have asked for more friendly and professional crew than Thierry and Anne! An absolutely incredible trip!"
   - Pete Hopkinson and Nathaniel Hogg.

December 2016

"Anne and Thierry are the most caring, hospitable people in all the Islands. They care for and love this boat if it was their own and that reflects directly how they treat their guests. Such an incredible trip thanks to these two beautiful humans. Can't say thank you enough! 
Magnifique! This week was truly that, thanks to you both! You are so great at what you do and we are so lucky to have shared this time with you both. Thank you!

    - Casey Feinberg.

"This trip was truly the best. Was able to relax, enjoy the views and the sea, and most importantly indulge in delicious food and wine. Cheers to salty skin, beautiful sunsets, good wine and big laughs. This week was amazing! Love,

     - Marina Pardee.

"Anne and Thierry have created and provide for their guests the most superb experience of sailing, food and fun. We have traveled to many places but this experience was one of the finest we have ever experienced. These are great hosts that are now great friends. Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! It was the best and so were you". 

     - Gregg Feinberg.

"Thank you! This week was an incredible and unforgettable experience, from snokneling to the subwing, to Christmas on Jost Van Dyke to beautiful peaceful bays, to the excellent wine and friendship, and so much more. I am very fortunate to have been able to experience the BVI's with you. Anne and Thierry, we'll share our pictures and will keep in touch.
Et Voilà!

    - Michael Keller

"The best crew on this Island! You have both been amazing, professional and fun. You're great at this job and I am excited for your future adventures. Love". 

     - Brandan Feinberg.

"Magical!... and I don't use that lightly! Thank you for a week full of great memories. We're glad for your friendship and hope to keep in touch". 

     - Cindy Feinberg.

Feinberg charter-14 - 1.jpg

May 2016

"Thank you Anne and Thierry for the excellent time we passed on Curanta Cridhe. But if something was much more than we expected it was the excellent food at lunch and dinner. Thank you again for the excellent moments" 

     - The Karagosian Family

March 2016

Dear Anne and Thierry, Thank you for the great sailing on CurantaCridhe that we had with you. We enjoyed your amazing cooking and hospitality and high professionalism.” 

     - Spring Charter Family


February 27th - Mars 2nd

''We had a beautiful journey enjoying the Caribbean Sea and the lovely islands. We put ourselves in Anne's and Thierry's hands; the sweet and gifted Anne, the highly skilled Thierry. We thank you for every lovely moment, for your patience and kindness. We'll never forget you...''

- The Lumainsky family and friends


January 2016

“Thierry Simon was a very knowledgeable Captain.  We had great confidence in his ability to sail the boat.  In addition, he was always interested in making things as enjoyable as possible for us, as guests.  Excellent.”


January 2016

“Anne Smith was amazing. Not only was she a very good seaman with extensive sailing knowledge, she is a 5-Star chef.  Her wonderful meals combined with Thierry's excellent wine pairing made all of us look forward to dinners as the highlight of each great day.”- our great New Year’s Charter


January 2016

“We enjoyed the accommodations aboard CurantaCridhe.  Anna had decorated each area on the boat to give the boat a very comfortable and homey feel.  Also, the living areas were spotless.  Very nice.” - our wonderful Winter Charter

December 27th - January 3rd

"Thank you for a wonderful time! We coudn't have asked for anymore. The company, food, and sailing, in that order, was just what we needed. Thank you again! It was great!"  
"What a great way to start a new year! The sail was fantastic and quite exciting! We learned so much! Thank you for the food and our new friendships. I hope to keep in touch."

- Kenny & Jodie Bateman.

"Great sailing, great snorkeling, great food, great wine, great company... a great adventure! What a wonderful way to begin a new year. Looking forward to another great adventure in the near future. Thank you both for everything. What an amazing time we had. Ship is part of our soul now and you both are great friends. Can't wait to come back!"

- Mike & Kathy O'Kelley

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